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Twitter Rolls Out Searchable Stickers For Photos, Can Be Used Like Hashtags


Twitter rolls out searchable stickers for photos. The stickers can also be used as another searching tool; much like hashtags.

The social media platform had recently released yet another feature for their app. Twitter have enabled users to add stickers onto their photos. The stickers can be used as a search tool, as users can search for photos with the same stickers attached onto them, Venture Beat reported.

Leslie Berland, chief marketing officer at Twitter, had stated that millions of tweets, as well as photos are being sent through their service everyday which made it the perfect time to add more features.

Twitter has added native support for photos onto its app about five years ago. It has been a far cry from how Instagram has progressed through the years.

This may have been a move by Twitter in an attempt to entice more users to go for their services in uploading photos, rather that the ever-popular go-to app on instant photo sharing, Instagram.

Berland insists that the new feature offers another option for searching capabilities. The stickers would likely serve as a hashtag, in terms of searchable capabilities, other than spicing up its users photos, according to a Twitter blog post.

Users now have rotating sets of stickers within the Twitter app. The social networking platform had included a library of hundreds of accessories, as well as emojis to add onto its users' photos. The stickers can be added instantly, and users can easily resize, rotate, and place the stickers onto their photos.

The new feature is set to launch by next week. Critics predict that the new feature would hardly influence the app's popularity, as it is seen as another perk rather than a major update, according to The Verge.

Twitter was the latest to have followed other social media platforms to adopt the sticker concept, meanwhile, Tumblr has yet to follow the trend.

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