Two University of Alabama Football Players' Weapon, Drug Charges Has Been Dropped By The DA


Two University of Alabama football players' weapons and drug charges has been dropped by the District Attorney on Monday.

Jerry Jones, the district attorney in Monroe, would not prosecute the two students at the University of Alabama citing insufficient evidence, Alabama Media Group reported.

Jones also specified that one of the primary reasons for his decision was that the district attorney refused to "ruin the lives of two young men," of whom he cites have spent the majority of their adolescence and teenage years working hard, and training extensively while others are home, and living comfortable lives.

A local reporter, Nicholas Picht, had obtained some documents involved in the case, which he shared to the public. The two University of Alabama football players are Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones.

As police report cites, Robinson and Jones were arrested on May 17 in a park in Monroe and was ultimately charged with possession of a gun, which was reportedly stolen, as well as possession of marijuana.

The two students were arrested at around 2 a.m. when authorities had spotted the students' car parked within the park, which was supposed to be closed at that time, KNOE 8 News reported.

The police report indicated that the authorities spotted the gun on Jones' lap during confrontation, while a second gun, which was reported as stolen was found under Robinson's seat.

Nick Saban, football coach at the university, had stated multiple times that he will wait for the legal process before deciding on the two players' punishment. Saban seeks discipline, as he stated, which is not necessarily leading to punishment, according to WHNT News 19.

Saban likens his manner of discipline towards his players to the way he disciplines his children.

An official statement from the University of Alabama has yet to be released. On how the situation resides, it would be likely that both football players would be able to continue their promising football career.

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