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Sony Banned A User On PSN Whose Real Name Is Jihad


Sony banned a PSN user for having a username containing the word "Jihad," which belongs to Jihad Khalid Almofadda.

Almofadda stated that he was notified of the ban when he received an e-mail from the network administrators because his username, "iJihad," was against PSN rules, Game Spot reported.

Almofadda was unable to access his account, games, as well as PSN online services.

Sony has reportedly offered Almofadda another username, which is a feature that wasn't openly available to PSN users. However, Sony has revoked its offer to Almofadda after reviewing the user's list of new names, which makes the ban stand.

According to the PSN rules, one's username should not contain any vulgar or defamatory words, which could potentially offend other users. The banned user claims that Jihad was his real name, according to PlayStation LifeStyle.

While the word "Jihad" is known to be another term for the holy war, which is commonly associated with the fight against non-believers of Allah, Almofadda has a valid claim against Sony as it is his given name.

Almofadda took to social media to voice out his concerns, which he posted on Reddit, which he claims Sony has banned a user "for having a Muslim name." Subsequently, he posted a video on Twitter showing that he is unable to access his game library.

Following the public outcry, Almofadda were in talks with PlayStation UK, which resulted in the restoration of his account, but with a compromise. The company agreed to restore Almofadda's account on the basis of wrongful accusation.

Although, the company eventually lifted the ban on Almofadda, the network have also reset the user's account details, which deleted his friends list, a limitation on the social features on PSN, as well as loss of data on his games' progress, Kotaku reported.

Almofadda apparently wasn't happy with the compromise, whom of which had obtained once again the username, "iJihad." The user stated that his "Trophies" are having trouble syncing with the game and the network, as well as having his social communication deleted.

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