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'The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim' Special Edition Won't Be Available For Console Gamers For Free, Bethesda Explains


Bethesda explained why "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" special edition would not be available to console gamers for free, of which is completely free to PC gamers.

Fans of the franchise may have taken this the wrong way as many has taken to social media platforms to voice out their negative sentiments on the decision made by Bethesda, GamingBolt reported.

Console gamers would have to shell out $60 to own the "Skyrim" special edition, while PC gamers who already own the original version along with its DLCs would be able to obtain the upgrade completely free of charge.

Pete Hines, vice president at Bethesda, has responded on Twitter regarding fans' concern over "unfair" pricing and seemingly unjust favoring of the PC gaming platform.

Hines explained that PC gamers who already own the game gets the upgrade for free because the high resolution textures are already available to the platform for some years now, the special edition would only serve as a collection of the assets for those who haven't already installed the high resolution assets, according to PlayStation LifeStyle.

Meanwhile, console gamers would have to pay for the "Skyrim" remaster because it would be made for the new platform, as the vice president at Bethesda cites as other gamers would have to pay for a remastered game made into current generation platforms.

Bethesda Game Studios recently announced that the "Skyrim" special edition would be available to PC gamers for free who own the game and its DLCs on October 28; albeit the same release date for console gamers, but they would have to pay for the remaster at a cost of $60, Eurogamer reported.

It is expected that the remastered version would run 30fps at 1080p resolution on the PS4, as well as the Xbox One, as of which PC gaming platforms have come to be known to run the game at 60fps at the same resolution setting.

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