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'Minecraft' Set To Roll Out Add-Ons To Make Modability Easier Across All Platforms, Microsoft Confirms


"Minecraft" is set to roll out its add-ons to improve modability across all platforms, other than PCs, which Microsoft confirmed during its E3 2016 press conference.

Microsoft, which acquired the swedish game developer Mojang who developed the creative open-world game, announced during its E3 2016 press conference that it is set to roll out new add-ons to make modding the game easier across gaming platforms, VentureBeat reported.

"Minecraft" started its early years exclusive on the PC, but now, the open-world game is spread across multiple gaming platforms. Modding the game was relatively simple on the PC, but Microsoft and Mojang aims to bring a whole new level of creative freedom among its players as the companies are developing add ons to bring modding capabilities across multiple platforms.

The new add-ons now allow players to set different player skins, avatars, as well as textures, even with the pocket versions of the game. While it is relatively easily doable on the PC gaming platform, modding was relatively absent with its derivatives.

Microsoft and Mojang stated that the plans to bring modding across multiple gaming platforms was to hand more power over its players, and the announcement has assured fans that the process of modding is accepted by the developers, which is completely safe, according to Master Herald.

The add-ons are in a JavaScript Object Notation, or .JSON, format, which uses simple-language values that even modding novices can easily comprehend. This allows users to easily change character behavior in the game, or change textures of characters, as well as the surrounding environment.

This allows the level of potential creativity in the game reach even further. Modding, once understood, can be as easy as copy and pasting certain values to its correct format then changes can be seen immediately y the player. This ultimately results in a different experience among players, which is best suited to them individually

Microsoft assures that it is committed to invest in the game, aiming to expand its reach among the gaming community, Rock Paper Shotgun reported.

This would likely mean that this update is just a start of something more to come to Mojang's "Minecraft."

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