University Of Alabama Set To Open Sport And Athletic Technology Research Center


The University of Alabama is set to establish a new sport and athletic technology research center.

The university would open a new center aimed for sports and athletic technology, which would include Crimson Tide athletics, that aims to conduct studies to help improve training and performance of athletes worldwide, The University of Alabama News reported.

The Board of Trustees at the university approved the proposal to establish the Integrative Center for Athletic and Sport Technology, or I-CAST, for short. The meeting was held on June 17 that resulted in the approval of the new research center.

The university aims to establish a research center poised to contribute to the world of athletics and sport. Some of its expected agenda are developing new technology to help reduce injury among athletes, as well as developing new techniques using existing technologies, The Crimson White reported.

The reseach center would also help improve athletes' performance by providing data to accommodate experiments. This would also cover proper nutrition and diet, specifically catered to an individual sport.

The University of Alabama claimed that the research center would be the first of its kind available to the nation, although a number of similar programs are already spread across the nation, which would likely mean that they have a unique plan in store in the near future, according to the SportTechie.

The new research center is reportedly taking on relatively new technologies in the filed of athletic and sports, such as 3D printing, as well as integrating electronically recorded biometric data on training. It is expected that the research center may find a new technique of recording real-time biometric data as the athlete trains.

The future of I-CAST seems to be a promising one, especially to the field of athletic and sport technology. Not only this could be beneficial to the athletic fieldm but may prove to be a step towards science, as well.

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