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Samsung Moving on Samsung Note 7 Fiasco Ventures In The Car Technology Of The Future [VIDEO]

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST Samsung is putting the Samsung Note 7 fiasco behing them and is venturing into the car industry.

‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Live-Action Movie Trailer Showed Ryosuke Yamada as Edward Elric [VIDEO]

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST "Fullmetal Alchemy" Live-Action Movie trailer was just released.

Microsoft Studio Surface 2017 News: What Are The Pros And Cons In Buying Microsoft’s Surface

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST The Microsoft Studio was revealed recently and slated for release on early 2017. It has some nice and new features but there are also some downsides for this upcoming device that needs improvement.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 4K TV Guide – How To Choose Right TV Specs For Pro Console

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST Sony generally recommends a big 4k TV set for the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, there are a number technical aspects that prospective 4K TV buyers should consider if they want both gadgets to be ...

‘Clash of Clans’ December 2016 Update: To Feature Goblin Versus Wizard Battle; Sea Battles?

Nov 16, 2016 PM EST "Clash of Clans" will reportedly have a December update and a lot of new features are rumored to be added in the game. The speculations include sea battles, wizards versus goblins and new upgrades.

When Texting And Voice Calls Are Not Enough – WhatsApp Finally Introduced Video Calling To Its Users

Nov 16, 2016 PM EST WhatsApp is an app that normally features text and voice calls to its users. Fortunately, the app is also adding video features as well.

‘Marvel’s The Inhumans’ TV Series A Way To Copy DC’s Multi-Universe Approach In ‘Arrow,' ‘The Flash’ And ‘Supergirl’ [VIDEO]

Nov 16, 2016 AM EST Marvel is introducing the its latest television series, "The Inhumans". It is said that new show will have a multi-universe theme that is similar to DC shows such as "The Flash", "Arrow" and ...

‘Rick And Morty Season 3’ Air Date Controversy: Will Show Air On December 2016 Or 2017?

Nov 16, 2016 AM EST "Rick and Morty" fans are bewildered by the actual air date for the upcoming third season of the show. An alleged insider in the show's production insist that new "Rick and Morty" episodes will be ...

‘Beauty And The Beast’ Live-In Action Movie: Trailer Finally Released Reintroduced ‘Lumieire’, ‘Cogsworth’, and ‘Mrs. Potts’ Emma Watson’s ‘Belle’ A Femme Fatale [VIDEO]

Nov 15, 2016 PM EST The trailer for "Beauty and the Beast" Live-In action movie just released its enchanting official trailer.

Major ‘Games of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers PHOTOS Cast Filming in Los Barruecos Showed Preparations For the Biggest Battle Between Tyrells and Lannisters [VIDEO]

Nov 15, 2016 AM EST Preparations are on their way for what appears to be the biggest battle in "Games of Thrones" season 7.

Explore the World of Wakanda In A Newly Released Featurette Clip That Includes Deleted Scenes From ‘Captain America: Civil War’ [VIDEO]

Nov 14, 2016 PM EST Check out some deleted scenes from Captain America: Civil War and explore the mystical world of Waganda.

“Pokemon GO” Guide, Tips: Pokemon 2nd Generation Coming – How To Collect Them Quickly

Nov 14, 2016 AM EST "Pokemon GO" are preparing for the coming of the Pokemon 2nd generation to the game. Players should also make their own preparations when they do appear which rumored to be quite soon.

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Remastered DLC Rumor: Activision Planning To Launch New DLC? [VIDEO]

Nov 14, 2016 AM EST "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" remastered featured an interesting rifle not seen in the original installment. The discovery has lead to speculations that an upcoming DLC for the remastered version is ...

‘Dishonored 2’ Stealth Guide & Tips: How To Sneak Around ‘Dishonored 2’ Guards

Nov 12, 2016 AM EST "Dishonored 2" also requires a major amount of patience and stealth. Those who are not familiar with lurking around, here are some tips on how to slip past the guards unnoticed.

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