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‘Pokemon: The First Movie’ To Be Reshown Two Decades After Its Original Release [VIDEO]


"Pokemon: The First Movie" was originally shown in 1998. After almost two decades, old and new Pokemon fans will get the chance to watch it again.

"Pokemon: The First Movie" Limited Re-release

"Pokemon: The First Movie" will be re-released on selected theaters on Oct. 29 and Nov. 1. The movie is only available to more than 200 Cinemark movie houses across the country, wherein all interested Pokemon fans can get a ticket for only $5. Those who would like to catch the Matinee shows on Saturday and the evening show on Saturday can get their pre-sale ticket now, according to Forbes.

"Pokemon: The First Movie" Story Line

The movie was first shown in 1998, where the heroes of the Pokemon film are Trainer Ash and his electric sidekick Pikachu. Together, they battle a Legendary Pokemon known as Mewto. In addition to the film, a short clip titled "Pikachu's Vacation" will be included. The clip is one way of introducing new Pokemon in its Anime television show or films.

"Pikachu's Vacation" was the anime debut appearance of Snubble and Marill, according to Pokemon Wikia. A lot more Pokemon were included in this particular clip, including Bulbasaur, Charizard, Goldeen and the rest of Pikachu's gang. The Pokemon in that clip were competing in various races such as swimming, but in the end, they left the resort as friends.

"Pokemon: The First Movie" - Critics' Reception

Since "Pokemon: The First Movie" is an animated film first shown in 1998, it is quite understandable that the animation is quite dated and not everyone can appreciate it. In the financial front, the film was able to earn more than $85 million in the domestic market alone, and since then, it's still one of the most popular Pokemon films of all times.

Those who would like to keep a copy for posterity can simply purchase a Blu-ray package consisting of the three earliest Pokemon films shown. Viz Media is the distributor of the film and will be made available at Amazon.

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