New MacBook Air 2017 Release Date Rumors: Out By Next Week During Launch Event? [VIDEO]


Rumors that a new MacBook Air is due for release soon is all over the web. Loyal MacBook Air users are looking forward to what it has to offer in terms of features and specifications.

After weeks of rumors, Apple has confirmed that it will be holding another keynote product reveal. According to The Week, the tech giant says that the event will take place on Oct. 27 and streamed live from 6pm UK time. Apple has sent out invitations to the press event, which will take place at its Cupertino headquarters.

Fans and users anticipate the unveiling of one or two Apple products - the MacBook Air 2017 and the MacBook Pro 2016. The MacBook Pro seems to be the main focus of the event, but some pundits think the entire Mac range is going to be refreshed.

According to Macworld, if the new MacBook Air comes out, it will show a little variation from past models. The new model will be thinner and lighter, with internal spec augmentations. The new MacBook Air will feature new batteries, cooling modules and chassis.

We could also expect to see USB Type-C, especially now that Intel has integrated Thunderbolt 3 into USB-C. The next-generation MacBook Air will likely feature next generation Intel processors, as well as graphics and RAM upgrades.

Apple recently moved its quarterly financial results from Oct. 27 to Oct. 25 and some websites and experts argued that this is because the company is planning to release new Macs on the former date. Apple has also warned investors to expect iPhone sales to be down again in Q4 2016, and this is perhaps because, sales focus will shift from the iPhone to the Mac line up.

The MacBook Air had an update in 2016, but it was such a minor and a disappointing update. The standard package for the 13 inch model merely included an optional RAM upgrade, which is why fans and users are looking forward to another, more significant upgrade. If the Oct. 27 release turns out to be false and only MacBook Pro gets to be unveiled, then the MacBook Air may be discontinued.

However, should Apple discontinue the 11 inch MacBook Air, it does remove the lower price entry from the line-up.

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