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‘Arrow’ 100th Episode Titled ‘Invasion’ Crossover Between ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Legends Of Tomorrow,’ ‘The Flash’ – A Good Time To Bring The Black Canary Back? [VIDEO]


"Arrow" is set to air its 100th episode in December and it is going to be an explosive one. Apparently, it is going to be a crossover episode between "Supergirl," "The Flash" and "The Legends of Tomorrow."

Comicbook reported that the episode is going to be based on a comic event back in 1988 with the same title. The plot revolves around the "Dominators" leading an alliance against Earth to prevent the ever growing number of superheroes or metahumans. Apparently, they are afraid that Earth's forces are growing strong.

In the comics, the Dominators are a group of technologically advance aliens. When they attacked earth, the heroes of DC-verse decided that they needed to join forces in order to protect Earth. It is possible that in "Arrow" 100th episode, heroes from "The Flash," "Supergirl" and "Legends of Tomorrow."

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that the background of characters in "The Flash," especially Barry and Cisco, can help a lot. They have backgrounds about changing timelines and Earth Two, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Black Canary Brought Back To Life

It has been previously announced that "Arrow" is bringing back Laurel Lance to life. Is it possible that Black Canary is going to be resurrected on the 100th episode of Arrow? Although the producers of the show confirmed that she's going to come back on episode 510, the Black Canary coming back to help save the Earth is going to be an epic episode. It is not far-fetched since Flashpoint is influential to bringing the Black Canary back to life.

But again, that is if she's the Black Canary that we all know and love. What if she's the evil doppelganger in Earth 2? Would you still like the Black Canary to come to life is she's one of the villain in "Arrow?"

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