Pokemon Go Plus Update: Niantic Announces Improvements On 'Pokemon Go's' Accessory [VIDEO]


Niantic recently upgraded the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. The accessory has been enhanced making it feasible for the gadget to concentrate only on PokeStops or Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Plus Is It Worth The Price?

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory is a difficult item to find in stores these days. Numerous Pokemon trainers lucky enough are presently showing off these new cool items, as they believe or hope that it will make their Pokemon GO adventures somewhat more advantageous. Be that as it may, even the most eager players will concede that there's opportunity to get better with regards to the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. Niantic, for its part, has begun gaining ground on that end with the game's most recent redesign.

Niantic, as the developer of Pokemon GO, shares much of the credit for its success. The Pokemon GO Plus accessory is a recent and unique addition to the game, but it's still hard to get one.

Niantic may have developed the game, but Nintendo is the manufacturer and main seller of the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. The accessory initially cost $35 in the United States, but the retail prices seem to have jump based on what could be seen on online stores such as Amazon.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo online store in United Kingdom is selling the items for £35 ($43) but is currently out of stock. The Pokemon GO Plus may appear somewhat overrated for something that is only an extra, and does not offer any overwhelming advantage in the Pokemon encounter.

The Pokemon GO Plus is only a companion gadget for the "Pokemon GO" game, which will work in tandem with your phone by means of Bluetooth. It is intended to let "Pokemon GO" players keep their phones in their pockets and still have the opportunity to catch Pokemon while on the go.

"Pokemon GO" has lost a big number of players in the past months. Industry observers believed that Niantic ought to improve the gameplay and add more features to the game. However, making Pokemon GO Plus improvements will still be appreciated by owners of such gadgets.

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