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Nintendo Switch Patent May Reveal Features Not Shown In Promo Trailer [VIDEO]


Nintendo Switch patent has been filed more than a year ago. It is now being scrutinized in the hopes that it can reveal what the Japanese manufacturer does not want to reveal yet.

Nintendo Switch Reveal

The Nintendo Switch reveal took place recently. The promo video showed several cool features of the upcoming game platform. The reveal was generally well received and a lot of questions were raised about the Switch, especially on its technical capabilities. However, Nintendo would not comment further and simply said that more details will be released early next year.

Nintendo Switch Patent Details

Nintendo initially filed a patent for its mysterious NX game platform. Many of the features listed in the patent did find its way to the Switch. However, a lot more features listed in the patent could not be confirmed in the Nintendo Switch video trailer. The Japanese company also refused to answer questions about the upcoming platform's technical specs.

Many curious souls have been reexamining the patent in an attempt to search for clues on what other features that the upcoming Switch platform might bring. The NX / Switch patent should incorporate a compass, GPS, gyroscope, image recognition and motion tracking. The platform should also be able to project the images on flat surfaces. However, there is also the possibility that some of the features listed in the patent may not be included in the final product, according to Digital Spy.

A lot of people asked about the possibility of a touch screen being included on the Switch. Nintendo officials refused to answer, but the NX patent did reveal that some kind of touch panel is included. Other features in the patent listed some sort vibration control and microphone as well as speakers.

Nintendo Switch Release Date:

The Nintendo Switch will only be available in stores on March 2017. However, online retail stores may start taking preorders earlier.

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