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'Marvel ResurreXion' UPDATE: 'X-Men' Jean Grey To Get Own Series But Which Version? [VIDEO]


"Marvel ResurreXion" intends to salute the "X-Men" for the great strides the franchise has made in both comics and video games. One classic member of the X-Men fraternity is Jean Grey.

Marvel is a household name when it comes to superheroes and immortals. The comic giant is well known for popular productions like "Spiderman" and "The Hulk," among others. Marvel's most successful comic production is probably the X-Men series, who features a group of human psionic mutants, charged with keeping the world safe.

Marvel announced on Oct. 19 that it would be reviving the character of Jean Grey as part of its "RessureXion" series. Another old X-Men classic, Logan aka Wolverine will be receiving a rebirth option in "The Weapon X" series. During the week-long assignment, Marvel made it known that the new comic revival should be released by spring of next year.

"Marvel" took to twitter to announce this rebirth. Jean Grey is expected to get her own separate series when "RessureXion" is eventually released. All other X-Men characters have had separate series, so fans will certainly appreciate the Marvel attention now being shown to Jean.

Jean Grey last appeared in the in X-Men when she became the Dark Phoenix. The cosmic entity was so powerful that it almost brought the world and the universe to extinction. The Marvel Universe was able to bring up different versions of Jean Grey; however, Marvel has given no hint which version will be used in the rebirth. Speculations are rife that the teenage version is likely to be adopted.

The only leaks available appears to be the poster (Jean Grey#1) depicting the classic's rebirth. All other information about the writer, graphic designer or artists that will take role plays has been kept under lock and key.

This rebirth move is a smart one that will reflect well on Marvel because X-Men fans are just not ready for the end of their well-beloved series yet.

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