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‘Pokemon GO’ Halloween Party: Promises Double Candies, More Spawns For Rare Pokemon [VIDEO]


The "Pokemon GO" Halloween party is confirmed and promises to be a fruitful one. Participants can expect to double their candy and loot, plus an increased chance of collecting rare Pokemon.

"Pokemon GO" Halloween Treat - Double Candy

"Pokemon GO" developer Niantic is treating its players with a Halloween treat, according to the official Pokemon site. Candy loot has been doubled from the normal three to six for each Pokemon. The Professor is also more generous this Halloween, as he will give trainers double the candy for each Pokemon handed to him. Your Buddy Pokemon has also gotten faster in collecting candies, four times faster actually. Even the candies obtain through egg hatching has also been doubled.

"Pokemon GO" Halloween Treat - Rare Pokemon Spawn Increase

Niantic will allow during the Halloween season an increased spawning of several rare Pokemon. They include the Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno and Zubat. The developer has yet to specify the frequency of the Pokemon appearance.

"Pokemon GO" Halloween Treat - Free Pumpkin Stencils Download

"Pokemon GO" players can download various Halloween Pokemon Pumpkin Stencils from the Pokemon site. The stencils are free so hurry and download them all as soon as they become available.

"Pokemon GO" Halloween Treat Period

The "Pokemon GO" Halloween party treat will start on Oct. 26 and ends on Nov. 1. Players should take advantage of this temporary treat to stock up on candies and collect as much rare Pokemon as they can. Hopefully, Niantic will host a bigger Christmas and New Year party treat for their loyal Pokemon GO players.

"Pokemon GO" Players' Wish For The Holidays

Many "Pokemon GO" players also hoped that Niantic will roll out a working in-game tracker real soon. Pokemon GO observers believed that players have grown dependent of third party trackers because of the absence of a reliable one in the game itself. Niantic is still field testing its tracker in San Francisco area, according to Polygon.

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