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'Nothing Compares 2 U' Sinead O'Connor Missing: Singer Found in Chicago Suburb

May 18, 2016 AM EDT "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer Sinead O'Connor was reportedly missing after not returning from bike ride.

Columbia University News: First Amendment Center Institute Accepts Free Speech

May 18, 2016 AM EDT Columbia University First Amendment center will govern all types of public speech. The center will be named 'The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University'.

Disney RFID Research Designs Battery-Less Toys: Nintendo's 'Amiibos' Could Be One of Them

May 17, 2016 AM EDT Disney Research, MIT and Carneige Mellon has designed devices that will not use battery as energy source.

'X-Men' Movie Plot, Spoiler: Bryan Singer Talks 'X-Men/Deadpool' Crossover [VIDEO]

May 17, 2016 AM EDT "X-Men" movie plot could someday feature an appearance of "Deadpool" Wade Wilson? Bryan Singer talks about the "X-Men/Deadpool" crossover.

UC Berkeley Commencement Speech 2016: Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on Loss, Resilience [WATCH FULL VIDEO]

May 17, 2016 AM EDT Sheryl Sandberg commencement speech at UC Berkeley highlights about her loss and life after husband, Dave Goldberg, passed away.

‘Fifty Shade Darker’ Spoiler, Cast: ‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler Hoechlin to Have Moments in Ana’s Plotline?

May 17, 2016 AM EDT "Fifty Shade Darker" spoiler reveals new casts to play alongside Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

University of Illinois Minority Affair: Student Splits on Vote

May 17, 2016 AM EDT The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will require students to take minority culture class.

Marvel vs DC Movie: 'Civil War' Vs 'Dawn of Justice' Compared, Who Wins? [VIDEO]

May 16, 2016 PM EDT Marvel vs DC Movies have always been an interesting topic debate among fans. Albeit saturated with comic book adaptations, it seems that the new movies released by both Marvel and DC are always highly ...

'The Legend of Zelda Wii U' News Update: Fans Theories for Upcoming Gameplay

May 16, 2016 AM EDT 'The Legend of Zelda Wii U' still has a long journey to be released but many fans have come with theories and speculations of what could be next.

ZTE 'Axon 7' Release Date Specs: Should Samsung, iPhone Be Worried? [VIDEO]

May 16, 2016 AM EDT ZTE 'Axon 7' is the name of ZTE's new device that will be launched soon. The company has been sending out invitations for the release albeit many people questioning, where is Axon 2?

American Students Threatened Using Yeti: Leads To Dismissal of Six District Schools [NEWS]

May 16, 2016 AM EDT American students were threatened after a video posted in social media app, Yeti, alerted Ohio University.

Trump Campaign for Higher Education Against Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders; Could be A Good Move?

May 16, 2016 AM EDT Donald Trump campaign regarding students will say no to Hillary Clinton's proposal, Bernie Sanders' program and Obama's.

Penn University Local Purchasing: Employs Minority, Women to Impact Economic

May 14, 2016 AM EDT Penn's procurement program remains a focus for the university. It goes back to 1995 where a program launched by the university implemented local purchasing initiative.

Penn University $14 Billion Economy Impact on Pennsylvania, Philadelphia [VIDEO]

May 14, 2016 AM EDT An independent report made by Econsult Solutions, Inc finds that Penn economic has a huge impact on the city and state.

Kids' Toys Playmobil Figurines Explain The Danger of Wolf Hunts [WATCH MOVIE]

May 13, 2016 AM EDT Playmobil figurines to star a 'documentary movie' about the danger of wolf hunts, directed by scientists.

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