'Overwatch Beta' Extended: 3 Amazing Things You Need to Know


Overwatch open beta is extended until May 10. With this in mind, players can have another day playing with the game in all platforms. The launch itself will be scheduled on May 24 and available for Xbox One, Windows PC, and PS4.

The extension announced by Blizzard, surprised the Overwatch community and it might be predictable since there have been a great number of players in its beta version, as reported by the Polygon.

It is not too late to start playing Overwatch beta. This character shooter is colorful and fast but most importantly it is fun. For the newbies, here are some amazing things you need to know about Overwatch beta.

Play the characters to find out the strength and weakness

The Overwatch beta is presented with different characters and you should be playing all of them in the open beta. You can switch to respawn and this is quite special. There are many strategies applied and it is for you to find out which flanking is better or the best way to entrench the defense. Eurogamer suggests finding out which characters to play so you will end up with the best decision by knowing their strength and weakness.

Killing does not win the game

The kills you do could be the dominant part of the game but it will not take you to the throne. It is only benefiting the car move. Hence, Overwatch beta is about objective control.

The ultimates

The little circle at the bottom of the screen will fill up when there is a fight scene. It will reach 100 percent but it is important for game-changing abilities to use it in one-shot. For instance, McCree needs that meter to fully fill up so you can do one-kill fantasies. The Bitbag also shares some survival guides for the new beginners. The article explains about noisy Ultimates such as the Reaper shoutings. These need you to decide whether kill or run.

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