'Metal Gear Solid V' Update 1.12: More Improvements, New Skills Added [WATCH]

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain update 1.12 gives more exciting features and new content. It also happens to the Metal Gear Online.

Available on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, the range size is said to have a capacity of 91 MB to 595 MB. Metal Gear Online update brings some of these new stuffs, as reported by Enumerical News. Now, players can view their network connection quality as it is displayed on scoreboard. Automatch prioritizes the balance of players in both teams instead of single team preset party.

There will be no Rush Mode as it will happen randomly. When a player wakes up from sleep there will be a combat log displayed. Another great one is that when you play Survival mode, it will reduce the disconnection frequency. Designed to refined and improve, the developer offers new feature to dispatch forces to infiltrate and strike a force. Moreover, there will also be set of soldiers with new skills added, a great booster for your Rating and create a powerful force, according to an article from Yibada.


The characters are not able to be interrogated. This makes them unique.

Mission Results Display

The ranks are displayed in the mission results after each mission ends. Hence, players will be able to view their rank using dedicated icon in scoreboard. There are arrows next to the icon that will show whether your rank increases or decreases. As for each mission, the score has also gone through a change because it will no longer be given when you are woken up by a comrade.


Demolition + Level 2 will not trigger weapon to fall when murdered with knife. There is also a delay time before your second dive but for duration of your sprint, it will be reduced momentarily after the dive. The crawl out of a cardboard also no longer has a noise.

Stamina damage

Stamina damage is increased when you land onto an enemy from up above, whilst it is decreased when you attack from cardboard box.

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