Sports Analytics Bachelor Degree, First in The US: Highly Marketable or Overly Specific?


If you like programming, love sports, and wish to learn more about both subjects, you can now pursue a degree in Sports Analytics.  Syracuse University Falk College just announced its new innovative program that enable sports enthusiasts to have major in sports analytics.

The program has been planned since three years ago that involved interviews with 35 field executives. Starting from August 2017, students in sports management can switch to sports analytics, as reported by the Econotimes.

Sports analytics are data-driven

According to the university's director of Sport Management, Michael Veley, the reign to cut deals without being backed by real data is over. Now, ticket price, sponsorship, social media activation and other things related to the sports analytics could be made using data-driven approach. This bachelor degree is the first in the United States and the course is open to all undergraduates.

As for the curriculum, the university spokesperson explains that the degree will focus on computer programming, math disciplines, data analysis and economics. It also uses foreign language mandatory so to prepare graduates in global sports growth such as in China, India and South America.

Highly marketable or too focused?

Veley said that analytics and foreign language skills will be powerful combination especially when these students are sent Brazil's Olympics or other huge sports events overseas. Furthermore, Veley claims that the new program will create 'highly marketable kids' in the future. However, NBC Sports reported a few critics on the study that is considered 'overly specific' and could lead to difficulty in career transition as these students will not have broad-enough skills.

Other additional course

Dr. Rodney Paul stresses the importance of having communication skills. It is vital that students learn how to communicate the abstract concepts, so they become more 'digestible' information. These analytics are not just numbers to be displayed without any further explanation; the results have to be useful.

The university hopes that the specific field will enable students to contribute in business industry in various ways and add layers in 'smart thinking'.

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