College of Medicine Funding Program to Encourage Doctors Find Balance in Teaching, Working


The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine introduced an academic clinical funding plan. This plan has been used by many medical schools in Canada and it aims to provide doctors with compensation and protected time to research or teach. This means, more faculty doctors are encouraged to conduct studies and work in balance.

Confirmed by university's dean, Preston Smith, the school has provided voluntary options for those willing to change to that plan. He also expected that the other doctors will follow the lead as up to this day, 20 experts in Saskatoon have already opted for it.

Academic work has been undervalued and also underfunded compared to the clinical work, University and College Union has learned. With this new clinical funding plan, there will be a 'protected amount of time for research and teaching'; and at the same time, they are being paid just like the ones treating patients in clinics.

The college expects more engagement up to 1,300 doctors throughout the area. These experts have affiliation with the school but they do not have the opportunity to get a full-time position in college. This also means that the med students will also have the chance to open up discussion with many more doctors.

The study done by the university also finds a gap that persists, in employment and educational attainment. It highlights the income inequality, as reported by the University of Saskatchewan News.

Mark Brown as former Saskatchewan Medical Association president agreed to the concept because the structures allow the doctors to have balance in researching, innovating and working at the same time. However, it is said that the 1,300 doctors who will teach, are lacking of information on how it would be applied. Currently, SMA just appointed new president, Dr. Intheran Pillay, who promises to improve the health care services in the province, as reported by 620 Ckrm.

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