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Opera Free VPN App for iOS: Big Deal for Students' Privacy despite IP Address Leaks


Opera has launched its VPN feature for iOS platform, free and unlimited. In fact, it is the first tech company to launch free VPN app for iOS.

The web browser company offers VPN for secure internet surfing in varieties of locations if you browse using Apple devices, specifically iPad and iPhone.

The virtual private network has been known best for its desktop use but now that it moves to iOS platform, then all iPhones should benefit from the 'invisible' browsing feature. In the press release, Opera claims that the new feature will enhance online privacy and access more content.

The Opera VPN availability is embraced with joy since it can unblock content restrictions but most of all, it is great for those with privacy conscious in mind. You are no longer viewing ads that detect cookies and just by picking any VPN location from Germany, Singapore, Canada, US or UK, you can have a 'private life'.

The option is a big deal for now; given that it is free and the service is 'without subscription'. Opera promised that the company is not planning to serve ads. The Verge has learned that this feature can benefit students and campuses where access to internet (social media platforms, to be precise) is limited. Using the Opera VPN free, you can route connection using the app to access geo-blocked contents. It blocks any tracker, too.

Chris Houston, Surfeasy president who is in charge in Opera's VPN division, said that social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram are often blocked when surfing from institutions. Thus, Opera VPN app does help break down the barriers.

The Opera Free and Unlimited VPN has been available since May 9. Given to its new release, let's not be too excited as previous news claimed that Opera VPN leaked IP addresses of desktop users when it was supposed to be encrypted for privacy use, Life Hacker reported.

Could campus life be more exciting after this?

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