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‘Super Mario’ Goes to ‘Minecraft’: 5 Amazing Stuffs in Mash-up Pack


Nintendo news update said that its iconic plumber, Super Mario, will make a pixilated debut in 'Minecraft' Wii U Edition.

Minecraft in Wii U Edition will get Super Mario theme for free in the scheduled update on May 17. It will be rich in features and include 5 things:

-          Super Mario Mash Up pack lets players have 40 skins, with characters of Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Koopa kids, and more.

-          Minecraft pixilated style and item textures

-          15 Super Mario soundtracks that make the game more exciting as players build Super Mario themed world.

-          One pre-made world included

-          The content draws entire span of the game franchise

While Legend of Zelda is delayed

Nintendo has been making news on its delayed Legend of Zelda and mysterious console code named NX, as reported by University Herald. It seems that Nintendo is focusing on the the crossovers or the new console under development.

The mashup you have been waiting for

The decision to jump to Minecraft this month has been expected by the Minecraft players all these years.

This new launch might be considered as a brilliant crossover since this is Nintendo's first official journey to the pixilated world. Minecraft, the blocky billion dollar game by Microsoft, has been covering popular characters including Doctor Who and The Simpsons, according to The Verge. The new game is hoped to create a new seamless experience in playing Super Mario.

Nintendo picked Mojang as part of the team to create the Super Mario theme and make the console edition more attractive. Heavily inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, the theme enables users to dress up mischievously as Super Mario characters.

The on-disc, retail version of the Minecraft Wii U Edition will be released on June 17. It will also feature Mario add-ons. This version is sold at $30.

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