Xbox 1.5 News Update: Why You Should Not Trust The Rumors


Xbox 1.5 is highly anticipated despite the uncertainty. As much as you want to trust the rumors, here are some reasons why you shouldn't. 

Shinobi602 only says, "I do"

The rumors on Xbox 1.5 get a hint from insider's Twitter account, Shinobi602 as a follower asked if there will be any more powerful Xbox. He surprisingly replied with "I do" and it quickly went viral. It seems that this is an affirmation of what's to come, despite the sparse details on the subject. And it does not mention about Xbox 1.5 or anything in particular.

However, the Country Caller tracks Shinobi602 history and proves that he could be an authentic source to provide legit information. He has updated the fans with some of the 'credible leaks' including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And let's not forget on hints that Microsoft has also made so far.

Microsoft has not confirmed anything yet

Microsoft has not made official statement on any newly developed console albeit releasing an announcement to end Xbox 360 production. And game enthusiasts seem to rely on what E3 will have in store for any official update.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer wants to move forward (in big numbers)

The VentureBeat has learned something from Game Informer's interview with the Head of Xbox. Spencer said that he knew nothing about the rumors but if Microsoft were going to move forward, it would move to an upgrade - a really substantial change. This can be assumed that Xbox 1.5 might not fit to his description.

But the Xbox fans might need Xbox 1.5

While Xbox is not an old console, but GottaBeMobile lists some of the reasons why the fans might need new console regardless the software update. For some reasons, technology has been changing the games dynamically. Thus, people expect to have higher specs and better performance in a console that adheres to today's entertainment needs.

Everyone is waiting for Microsoft to leak some of the updates in E3. Let's just hope that way. Do you find the rumors are true or do you have any other speculation?

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