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'The Vampire Diaries' Spoiler Season 7 Finale: Villainous Elena to Haunt Damon in The Vault? [WATCH]


The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Season 7 Episode 22 'Gods & Monsters' gives fans a clue that Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, will get in the Armory vault. Does he hear a voice that sounds similar to Elena's?

There is something sinister in the Vault and at first, it was opened by Dalton St. John which was the grandfather of Alex St. John. The vault was locked after Dalton got out as a devilish murderer. However, apparently another St. John was trapped inside.

There has to be an infectious thing in the vault which the Salvatore brothers need to get into. The Vampire Diaries spoiler indicates that it could be Alaric Saltzman twin daughters that help out unsealing the scary vault, Hofmag reported.

Damon and Stefan head into the building and there are dead people of Armory. Some of them are alive but somehow they have been in deep trauma of something that caused them so. The decision is in Damon's hand, whether or not he will reveal what is in the vault.

In order to break Bonnie's curse, the Salvatores have to kill the last one of Eight Everlastings. However, they do not have much time since they need to go before the vault releases another evil to them. Can they do that?

The spoiler also mentions about sacrifices that Damon has to do in order to save Bonnie. He could die of saving her and he would close himself into the vault to buy some time, so that Stefan can kill the Everlasting. The entity inside the vault is still unknown. The trailer on season 7 Finale shows how Damon is shocked and calls Elena's name.

But since Elena is cursed to sleep, that should not be her, or it could be Katherine. The horror would be when the vault cannot be opened again, and Damon gets inside. This will make him more devilish than before, given the fact that Elena has gradually changed him, as Hypable confirmed.

It has left many questions, such as why the Armory was built there and given its shady origins. What could be happening to Mystic Falls?

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