Ubisoft 'Watch Dogs 2' Release Date and Rumors: Find Out Who is King!


Ubisoft 'Watch Dogs 2' has not yet been released but rumors surrounding the video game might just be clues of it.

The game installment accidentally leaks its progress as one of image has taken internet by storm. An image of what may be 'Watch Dogs 2' protagonist is seen carrying a gun and messenger bag. Rumor has it that it looks like an Asian. Sporting baseball cap and black jacket, the man wears bandana to cover up his mouth.

Searching on its roots, it turns out to be one of King's Instagram posts. The NerdLeaks  who tweeted about the image quickly gained attention from the followers with more than hundreds of Retweets so far.

Who is King?

King, whose Instagram is now private, is a performance artist and model. His caption of the photo makes an obvious statement as it says "Had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series!" along with hashtags #WatchDogs2 and #Ps4

It appears that he is getting involved in the production process as the lead character. The original Watch Dogs has a protagonist named Aiden Pearce - a grey hat hacker, highly skilled and famous for his iconic cap. Compared to the leak, it does not look like 'Aiden Pearce'.

Does it take two years to develop Watch Dogs 2?

There are not many details on the release date except the image leaked and CNET article that states the sequel launch will be on April 2017. Another statement said that Ubisoft company has not confirmed the exact date despite telling the public to patiently wait till March 2017, as UberGizmo reported.

Looking back in April 2015, on the Ubisoft statements and rumors, one of the senior programmer at the company indicated that Watch Dogs was under development, as published in GameSpot.

With all of the rumors and long-term development, players should expect a better experience in Watch Dogs 2.

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