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Apple iTunes 12.4 Release Date, Rumors: 4 Interface Changes [IMAGE]


iTunes chief, Eddy Cue might have said the upcoming version of iTunes 12.4 will be run in OS X 10.11.4. But this images of interface leaked say more.

This February, Apple Music chief executive announced the 'new refresh' in the music space. Furthermore, he also stated the new version of OS will come out next month. He did not specify any information nor care to provide fans with clues.

However, some sources shared leaked images of the new iTunes 12.4 and what it will look like. The changes might be minor but if it is said to be 'more user-friendly', then why not?

The updates are not relatively huge but there are some tweaks that according to 9to5Mac, 'will be very much welcomed' by users.

Dropdown redesigned

The media picker, a dropdown menu, will enable users to switch between music, movies, TV shows, or other contents. It will replace the navigation icons available in previous versions. The menu might not have any significant change but the customizable sections with 'hide-ability feature for contents you do not need', could be what you exactly need.

Menus simplified

The iTunes 12.4 version will be simple and easy to use. Library contents can be customized and there will be View redesigned. It enables users to easily use and navigate within.

Mini player changed

There will be a slight change in the design of its mini player. For instance, the 'Up Next' will be located on the right side where it will be more visible.

Sidebar added

This image shows the iTunes navigation. The left side shows a sidebar. It will enable users to access iTunes Library much better, to search albums or songs in specific. Sidebar content will be editable according to the user's preference. It will also enable them to drag and drop music in the playlists.

Apple is set to launch the new iTunes version within a few weeks, possibly at the WWDC. Users should expect more significant information regarding Apple Music.

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