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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Trading Feature, Pokemon Breeding and Customizable Pokestop Will Be Launched Soon


It is apparent that the augmented reality (AR) gaming app Pokemon GO will be launching its newest updates soon and it was revealed by the developer of the app game Niantic that the new update of Pokemon GO includes exciting features.

During the San Diego Comic-Con International, Niantic confirmed that Generation 2 will be added to the game Pokemon GO along with exciting features. As reported by Christian Times, several upgrades can be expected from the current status of the game that would eventually take the whole world by storm. The game is subject for evolution most especially those legacies popularized by the game.

According to Express, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed the upcoming trading feature to Android and iPhone. However, due to extensive preparations needed, the launching cannot be done sooner. Hanke apologized to the public for not being able to reveal the expected launching of the most awaited feature. He added, "We're working really hard to keep the servers up and running. We're working on it, but it's gonna take a little longer."

Aside from the trading features, there are also other functions included in the updates such as customizable Pokestops were players can change their location's attribute to be able to attract certain kind of Pokemon as well as to be able to assist heal their team. Also, a new wave of Pocket Monsters is expected in the newest updates. The addition to the 151 existing Pokemon aims to address the pressing concern that Niantic will run out of Pokemon due to high volumes of players globally. There is an ongoing debate regarding the addition of another feature called Pokemon breeding. Though, Hanke revealed that it's not likely to happen anytime due to undisclosed reasons.

Pokemon GO remains on the top downloaded gaming app in Google Play and Apple Store. With this newest evolution of the game, players would become more motivated to roam around the vicinity and act like a real Pokemon trainer.

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