‘Tokyo Ghoul’ TV Anime Season 1, 2 Remake Should Happen; Season 3 Possible? [VIDEO]

Dec 14, 2016 AM EST Fans of "Tokyo Ghoul's" TV anime want a remake of season 1 and 2. Season 3 might be possible after the anime's rise in popularity in past seasons.

‘Lost Soul Aside’ Will Be Timed PS4 Exclusive; Game Details Revealed [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST "Lost Soul Aside" will be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game's details have also been revealed recently.

Top 4 Expected Features For Upcoming ‘Fallout 5’ [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST "Fallout 4" has become one of the best and successful games for some time now, and a lot of fans are now expecting what "Fallout 5" might become. Here are the top four most expected features for the ...

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Update 1.19 On PS4 Adds New HDR Support, Other Features [VIDEO]

Dec 01, 2016 AM EST "The Elder Scrolls Online" update 1.19 on PlayStation 4 is now available for download and adds the new HDR support and other features as well. Reddit members report that there is an issue with the ...

‘XCOM 2’ Update On PS4, Xbox One Fixes Issue On Load Times [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 AM EST "XCOM 2" gets the latest update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which fixes the issue on long load times. It also fixed several other issues on multiplayer and DLC as well.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Multiplayer Will Have Effect In Single Player Campaign [VIDEO]

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST "Mass Effect: Andromeda" multiplayer feature will tie-in with the single player campaign, but with changes. There will be less hunkering in this multiplayer feature this time around.

NES Classic Edition Controller Short Cord Length Explained; Much Shorter Than Original [VIDEO]

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST The probable reason why the NES Classic Edition controller cord length is short has been revealed. A comparison was made between the current controller and the original one, which revealed outstanding ...

Nintendo Switch Rumored to Get ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ After Launch; Sequel Might Come To Future Console [VIDEO]

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST The upcoming Nintendo Switch is rumored to get “Xenoblade Chronicles X” and other video game titles after the console’s launch. “Xenoblade Chronicles X 2” might be coming to the upcoming ...

Players Uncover Hidden Weapons In ‘Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” Remastered [VIDEO]

Nov 17, 2016 AM EST Players apparently have uncovered several hidden weapons secretly buried in “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” Remastered. Other players argue that the weapons are not part of an upcoming DLC pack.

All College Students Should Be Entrepreneurs, Here Are the Top 10 Reasons Why

Nov 15, 2016 AM EST Start your business in college and be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, or simply get a head start.

‘Clash Of Clans’ December Update Rumored To Include New Units, Sea Monsters, Shipyard [VIDEO]

Nov 12, 2016 AM EST The December update of "Clash of Clans" is rumored to have new units, sea monsters to boost the air and sea defenses, and a shipyard. The Fair Play rule has been implemented to prevent exploits.

'Shadow of The Tomb Raider' is Lara Croft's Next Game; Title Leaked on Subway is Convincing, Here's Why! [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT A Reddit user sees it all, as Lara Croft's next adventure title will be called "Shadow of The Tomb Raider". Here's why it may not be just a rumor.

‘The Last Of Us: Remastered’ Gets PS4 Pro Support, HDR Display With Latest Update [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT PlayStation 4 Pro and High Dynamic Range display support will now be available for "The Last of Us: Remastered" with the latest update. The HDR support comparison shows differences in environment and ...

Next Game Title Of ‘Tomb Raider’ Leaks Online Due To Open Laptop On Subway [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT The video game title of the "Tomb Raider" game franchise might have been leaked due to an open laptop on the subway. Eidos Montreal might be involved in the next adventure of Lara Croft.

Elon Musk Answers SpaceX Questions On Reddit, Describes His Plan For Mars

Oct 24, 2016 AM EDT Elon Musk hosted a Reddit AMA where he answered questions on SpaceX and his Mars mission.

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