‘Yakuza 0’ Tips, Tricks: Important Tips To Follow For Beginners [VIDEO]


"Yakuza 0" is one of the best action video games that were translated for Western shores, and the reception so far is good. While some long-time fans have already finished the game, there are still some newcomers who want to try out this amazing and manly game. Here are some of the important tips to follow for beginners.

It is okay to lower the difficulty of "Yakuza 0"

For players who are new to "Yakuza 0," it is okay for them to lower the difficulty and no one will get angry for that, according to Kotaku. There are some fans that only play this game for the deep story and world, but for those who want to try out the street fights and they are beginners, they will need to lower the difficulty down. This will make it easier for them to go through the story scenes without hitting too many roadblocks along the way.

Invest in skills in "Yakuza 0"

Players will need to invest a lot of cash in "Yakuza 0" if they want to unlock a lot of skills for their characters. As the tier goes up in the skill circle, the money needed will get more expensive. They will also need to invest in training and tackle different sidequests to unlock other skills that can be helpful in fighting a tough boss blocking the way.

Always save in "Yakuza 0"

Like in many other video games, players are advised to save a lot in "Yakuza 0" so that they can go back to scenes if they got defeated. This also insures that they will not have to go through a difficult mission again after finishing it. They are advised to save before and after a story mission.

Defeating Mr. Shakedown in "Yakuza 0"

A member revealed on the official website of Reddit the secret on how to defeat one of the most difficult enemies to defeat in "Yakuza 0," which is Mr. Shakedown. These characters roam in the streets on both campaigns with the mission to catch the protagonist and steal most of their money for their own purposes. If defeated, players are rewarded with a lot of cash.

The Reddit member revealed that the most effective weapon to use is the Umbrella and its heat move. Players will have to mind their defense and heat management, which is why they will need to stock up on drinks that raise heat and restore HP when needed.

Players will need to use the Thug Style for dodging and hitting Mr. Shakedown for some cheap shots. After gaining a full Heat gauge, change to the weapons style and hit him with the Umbrella's heat attack for a lot of damage. After a few combinations, he will go down and reward players with a lot of cash.

Below is a "Yakuza 0" video that shows the method on how to easily defeat Mr.Shakedown: 

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