‘Lost Soul Aside’ Will Be Timed PS4 Exclusive; Game Details Revealed [VIDEO]


"Lost Soul Aside" will be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game's details have also been revealed recently.

"Lost Soul Aside" will be timed PS4 exclusive

According to the official website of Reddit, "Lost Soul Aside will be a timed PS4 exclusive and the game developer is planning to release it sometime in 2018. Korean indie developer Yang Bing said that he is currently receiving support from Sony, which led to the result of the PS4 exclusive deal.  He did not reveal anything else except for the feature of multiple weapons.

"Lost Soul Aside" PS4 fans impressed

Some fans of the PS4 console system are impressed with the gameplay video that the developer provided, which can be viewed below. One member expressed that he is hyped for this game and he cannot believe that it is being developed by one man only. Another member explained that it was one person who developed the game, but as time passed, others helped him along the way and he is currently working to build his own development studio.

"Lost Soul Aside" details

According to the official website of Steam, Bing gave some important details about the "Lost Soul Aside" project. He revealed several pieces information, which are the members development team, the current situation of the development, and many more.

Currently, the game development team is composed of five members, who are working really hard to make more content for the video game. Bing revealed that the stage of the game right now is still under early development and it is far away from being finished.

Some interested gamers wanted to try to apply for a beta testing version, but Bing implied that "Lost Soul Aside" is still too early in development and there will not be any beta version anytime soon. Its genre is currently a role playing game, but it might change if he will change his mind.

Check out the "Lost Soul Aside" Gameplay video below:

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