‘Battlefield 1’ Frontlines Mode Can Last Over Three Hours [VIDEO]


"Battlefield 1" Frontlines Mode lets players enjoy the video game for over three hours just trying to take over several areas until they have conquered all. There seems to be no limit to how long it could go on, and some players are saying that is a good thing, while the other half are saying it is taking too long.

"Battlefield 1" Frontlines Mode Details

The Frontlines Mode of "Battlefield 1" pits two teams on a big map and allows them to try to conquer several objectives in the area. The teams then fight against each other back and forth because as long as they can finish an objective in the area, they can conquer it. If the other team finishes another objective in the other area, they will be pushed back, and the other team will have to reconquer the first map all over again, PC Gamer reported.

The teams in "Battlefield 1" Frontlines Mode consist of 16 people and they are all trying to accomplish that objective for one area. If the other team accomplishes several objectives in a straight manner, then it will be game over for the other team. It is more likely that it will not come to that because there are too many members in one team, and it would be difficult to repel all of them.

"Battlefield 1" Frontlines Mode also has a Conquest-style timer that counts up instead of going down. In the official trailer of this mode, which can be viewed down below, is supposed to run out at some point. This timer just counts how many minutes everyone has spent in this mode, and how long they have accomplished their objectives.

DICE Steps In To Fix "Battlefield 1" Frontlines Mode Issue

Game developer DICE has decided that they will re-implement a time limit for "Battlefield 1" Frontlines mode in the upcoming patch for this month. However, they will consider an infinite-duration version as a custom game mode for those who are fans of it, the developers posted on the official website of Reddit.

"Battlefield 1" Gets Update Announcement

Game publisher EA and developer DICE have announced that they have decided to move to monthly updates in a recent announcement. They did this because the amounts of content they have in store for "Battlefield 1" are numerous, and they want to bring the players more of what they want, faster than ever.

Check out the "Battlefield 1" Gameplay Series: New Mode-Frontlines video below:

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