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Feb 17, 2017 12:41 PM EST

‘Nioh’: In-Game Bug Deletes Saved Games When Creating New Game Character


A game-breaking bug has been discovered recently in "Nioh." The bug reportedly deletes saved games upon the creation of a new character.

Many on Reddit and NeoGAF reported the bug. Apparently, starting a new character in "Nioh" deletes all saved games in the device. One player said he was already at level 90 when his wife played the game and created a new character.

Upon returning to his game, he found his wife's profile and his "Nioh" level 90 saved game was nowhere to be seen. According to Eurogamer, games are supposed to be able to have multiple saved files. It specified that the glitch is not simply a flaw in the game's design. It has been reported that many were afflicted by this.

Another player, Unkempt_Herald reported on Reddit that he lost a level 98 "Nioh" character without any indication that it would delete his previously saved game. Many more of the same were reported, therefore confirming that the game-bug is not an isolated case or a glitch.

The discovery of the "Nioh" game bug led some to believe that it is a glitch and not an instance of the game of not informing players that they can have only one saved file. It is advised for players to be careful if they plan to start a new character. According to Gamespot, players should back up their save files to an external storage device before starting a new character.

However, there have been reports from those who downloaded their "Nioh" save files they uploaded to the cloud using Playstation Plus. Unfortunately, several users reported that doing so did not resolve the matter.

Sony was asked if they are aware of the situation, the tech giant said that they would report if they have found anything. "Nioh" was recently launched as a PS4 exclusive.

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