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‘Persona 5’ Fans Annoyed With One Character Due To Forced Limitation [VIDEO]


Several fans of "Persona 5" are now annoyed with one character in the game because he limits the main protagonist of his options. Instead of letting him go out on the town to improve his stats and connect with his friends, he is forced by this character to sleep early for tomorrow.

"Persona 5" Fans Annoyed With Morgana The Cat

Several fans have complained recently about a certain character in "Persona 5" that limits the main protagonists, which is Morgana the cat that accompanies him all the time. In the game, there are a lot of times that players can go around town in the night to earn some improvements of the hero's stats or his social link. Both are important in the game, and are easy to earn like eating a giant burger to increase Guts, go fishing, and much more, Kotaku reported.

"Persona 5" Morgana Blocks Hero From Going Out At Night

After players visit a dungeon in "Persona 5," they are left with a good opportunity to do something else in the evening phase of the day. The only problem is that Morgana insists the main protagonist go to sleep because he must be tired of going into a dungeon. This is a big waste of time since there is a big, vacant schedule for players to do something about it and be more productive by making tools, training, and more.

While others are annoyed with Morgana's nagging for their hero to sleep, others are annoyed with his other acts. A fan was annoyed with his remarks towards another character in both battle and social situations, he posted on the official website of Reddit.

"Persona 5" Fans Continue To Make New Memes

Despite Atlus blocking the share feature of the PlayStation 4 for "Persona 5," this has not stopped its fans in creating several memes. Some used their phones in making screenshots in certain scenes and making memes out of it for fun. For example, some fans still compare "Persona 4's" happy-go-lucky story with the sequel's serious, but edgy atmosphere, Destructoid reported.

Check out the "Persona 5" Sizzler Trailer video below:

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