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Methane Explosions Create Hundreds Of Giant Seafloor Holes [VIDEO]

Jun 07, 2017 AM EDT Barents Sea researchers have recently discovered hundreds of giant seafloor holes, which were caused by methane explosions. EPA has recently ordered a halt to a rule that was created to reduce methane ...

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Might Get Viera Soon; Square Enix Wants Game On Other Platforms [VIDEO]

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT "Final Fantasy XIV" director teased that fans should not lose hope for the Viera race. He also revealed that the video game might come to other platforms as well.

Upcoming DLC For ‘Tekken 7’ Might Be Hinted By PC Files; Game Tops UK Sales [VIDEO]

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT The datamined PC files of "Tekken 7" revealed some interesting hints that could give clues to what upcoming DLCs will be added soon. The video game has also topped the UK sales chart.

Space Industry CEO Absolutely Convinced Aliens Visited Earth Already [VIDEO]

Jun 06, 2017 AM EDT Real estate mogul and space industry CEO Robert Bigelow revealed that he is convinced that aliens have already visited Earth. He also said that the commerical world will become successful when it ...

Next New ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Character Is Malthael From ‘Diablo III’ [VIDEO]

Jun 05, 2017 AM EDT Malthael from "Diablo III" joins the fray in "Heroes of the Storm." The game company is also happy to report that the video game is now better as its second anniversary is celebrated.

‘Call Of Duty: WW2’ Zombies To Follow Real Events For Back Story [VIDEO]

Jun 05, 2017 AM EDT The Zombies mode of "Call of Duty: WW2" will be based on accurate historical details of "World War II." The first European team wins a "Call of Duty" tournament for the first time.

T-Cells Have Long Memories, Studies Suggest; Activation Could Lead To New Vaccines [VIDEO]

Jun 05, 2017 AM EDT There is a new study that suggests that the nose has the longest memory in terms of fighting against viruses. Understanding the T-Cells might be answer to create better vaccines in the future.

‘Hitman’ Content For June Announced; Franchise To Continue With Square Enix Blessing [VIDEO]

Jun 02, 2017 PM EDT IO Interactve has recently announced the June content for "Hitman." Square Enix also wants the game franchise to go on despite the current situation.

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ Reveals New Character Details; Development Details Revealed [VIDEO]

Jun 02, 2017 AM EDT Koei Tecmo has recently revealed new character details for "Fire Emblem Warriors." Details for its gameplay were also revealed.

LIGO Researchers Detect New Set Of Gravitational Waves [VIDEO]

Jun 02, 2017 AM EDT The researchers at the LIGO facility has recently detected a new set of gravitational waves. It was determined that the two black holes that fused together to create the gravitational waves were a lot ...

Ubisoft Gets New Logo To Show Going Forward With New Era [VIDEO]

Jun 01, 2017 AM EDT Ubisoft changes their logo so that they can move on to a new era. The game company also fixes a bug in "For Honor" that has annoyed a lot of players lately.

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ New Details Revealed With New Video [VIDEO]

Jun 01, 2017 AM EDT Square Enix has recently revealed two new videos showcasing "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's" new city of Kugane. The game director also explained why the video game will not have a native resolution ...

New Superantibiotic 25,000 Times Stronger Than Previous Version [VIDEO]

Jun 01, 2017 AM EDT The new superantibiotics is 25,000 times more potent than its predecessor. A new study also shows that superbugs were found on a travel network.

‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ Impresses Naughty Dog; Official Merchandise Announced [VIDEO]

May 31, 2017 AM EDT The original game developers of the "Crash Bandicoot" game series is very impressed with the new trilogy remaster. "Crash Bandicoot" merchandise was also revealed.

Sea Scorpions Use Swordlike Tails To Fight; Unusual Fish Caught At St. Brelade’s Bay [VIDEO]

May 31, 2017 AM EDT A new study revealed that ancient sea scorpions woudl use their swordlike tails in fights and killing prey. A fisherman also caught an unusual fish that was not supposed to be part of dinner.

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