‘Battlefield 1’ May Update To Implement New Changes To Operations Matchmaking [VIDEO]


The game developer has recently offered a preview of the "Battlefield 1" May update and it will implement the new changes. Some of these changes will improve the operations matchmaking of the video game.

DICE Offers Preview Of May Update

Recently, the game developers at DICE offered a preview of what players should expect for the "Battlefield 1" May update. They first discussed the biggest issue with the video game's operations, which were the empty lobbies. Game producer Andrew Gulotta offered an explanation on how the developers are looking into making a fix for this problem, Dual Shockers reported.

Solving Empty Lobbies Issue

Gulotta said that the development team will first look into how they can mitigate the issues that people might be running into with the empty servers. They will start it by introducing a new feature, which they call the Operation Playlists.

Operation Playlists will let players remain in the Operation lobby after the game concludes instead of being sent back to the Main Menu. Players found an issue when they were looking for a large-scale epic battle in the lobbies with multiple players because the process would reset after every Operation. The May Update will start to repeat Operation so that players will stay in full lobbies.

This new update will also allow players to switch sides in-between the matches, which would allow them to change their gameplay and strategies so that they can have different experiences each time. As a whole, this change will let Operation matches more populated as well as make the experience better for the players looking for multi-map.

Bayonets Get Changes With New Update

Players had some issues with the use of bayonets because it can induce one-shot kills, and that is rewarding on its own, but annoying if the player gets hit with it. When the bayonet charge gets activated, it gives players a speed boost and a 15 percent damage reduction at the cost of the players' ability to sprint and fire their weapons. In order to fix this, gameplay designer Chad Wilkinsonsaid that players in a bayonet charge will take normal damage and will also turn slightly slower.

Fans Suggest Air Only Game Mode

In other "Battlefield 1" related news, a fan of the video game suggested that it should have an Air Only game mode, just like what they did with "Battlefield 4." Some agree with the suggestion, while others are against it because they think a lot of people are not good enough to fly planes. An all-tank game mode would also be nice, suggested another fan on the official website of Reddit.

Check out the "Battlefield 1" May Update Exclusive Sneak Peak Livestream video below:

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