Ubisoft Gets New Logo To Show Going Forward With New Era [VIDEO]


To move forward to a new era, Ubisoft has created a new logo. The game company said that the logo change has been in the works for a while and it was the proper time to reveal it.

New Logo, New Era

Ubisoft's new logo change was meant to modernize its front-facing logo, and to make it more direct and simple. The new swirl is also meant to be an evolution of its existing logo, which meant a new era for the game company. They want this logo to symbolize their increased focus on live and digital games as well as player-centric approach to make immersive worlds, according to their official blog.

Ubisoft Logo History Revealed

According to the gaming company, their logo started off with something that was inspired by the cool visual style of the '80s era. During those times, they were just a local distributor of video games. This changed after a few years later.

After nine years in the industry, the "Rayman" franchise was born and it was about time that Ubisoft created the rainbow logo, which some people hated, and it looked somewhat older than their 1986 logo. The game company's shift from distributor to creator was shown in this new logo, and it also showed that they were creating games that were family friendly at that time.

When 2003 came, the game company changed their logo again and this time it was the iconic swirl, which many gamers are familiar with. This followed their acquisition of "Red Storm" and the creation of the new Tom Clancy game titles, which meant they were now making more mature and diversified themed games.

The latest logo is all about creating new worlds, which live as video games, comics, movies, and many more. Ubisoft said that it is a minimalist, modern, and monochromatic, and it is the window to their worlds, which gives gamers a preview of what is to come.

Ubisoft Fixes "For Honor's" One Hit Kill Exploit

In other Ubisoft related news, the game company has recently fixed a glitch in "For Honor," which was called as the one hit kill bug. Players encountered it mostly against Wardens, but it was discovered that it was affected by other heroes as well. The patch will be launched on all platforms, which will also follow server maintenance, according to the official website of Reddit.

Check out the 1 Hit Kill Glitch In "For Honor" video below:

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