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Space Industry CEO Absolutely Convinced Aliens Visited Earth Already [VIDEO]


Many theorists and alien fanatics are crazy about the idea that aliens are just around the corner and maybe even living amongst us. One space industry CEO spoke his mind that he is absolutely convinced that aliens have already visited the planet.

Big Wig Convinced Of Aliens

Just recently, real estate mogul and Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow explained that he is absolutely convinced that aliens have already visited Earth. He revealed that he has spent a lot of money just to find out the truth of this matter, The Verge reported.

Bigelow revealed that he became interested in aliens after his grandparents had a close encounter with a UFO just outside Las Vegas once upon a time. He described that the UFO sped up when it flew, came right into their faces, and filled up the entire windshield of their car. After doing this strange act, it took off at a right angel and then flew into the distance.

Space Industry CEO Had Close Encounters Too

CEO Bigelow also said that he had some close encounters with the beings from beyond, but he did not say any specifics about it. He also owns a company that has been getting referrals from the FAA about reports of UFOs, and other otherworldly activities. It was also revealed that the alien illustration on the side of the Bigelow Aerospace building in Las Vegas was due to his fascination with aliens.

Bigelow Does Not Care For Haters

For people who are skeptical about Bigelow's statements, he actually does not care. He said that it will not make a difference, and it will not change the reality of what he knows. This is also where he said that to encounter other life forms, they can just meet one here on Earth.

Commercial World To Lead In Space

Bigelow also said that the commercial world will lead in space. He has partnered with NASA to create a technology that could change how humans will live and work in space. He has invested on expandable spacecraft, large, and lightweight structures that will inflate in space, which could support humans when they are in space, CBS News reported.

Check out the Out Of This World Uses For Expandable Habitats video below:

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