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‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ New Details Revealed With New Video [VIDEO]


A new video was recently released for "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood," which showcases the new city of Kugane. It also showcases a lot more new gameplay footage of the upcoming expansion.

City Of Kugane Gameplay Video Details

There were two videos revealed at the "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" media tour in Hamburg, and the first showed a tour of the new city of Kugane, which can be viewed below. Kugane is the only sea port in Hingashi that is open to foreigners during the Imperial occupation. The city is the center of trade that often sees Garlean warship and Eorzean vessels docked side by side, Dual Shockers reported.

The city is also a rich center of local culture because it combines different types of influences from other nations. The area has a lot of room for exploration, and it also has some challenging platforming elements for those who want to reach the highest rooftops.

The Ruby Sea Gameplay Video Details

Another video, which can be viewed down below, showed the Ruby Sea area. It is the body of water that separates Othard and Hingashi, but it is currently controlled by the Confederacy, which is free of outside rule. It is currently inhabited by different types of people and beastmen, including the new Kojin tribe.

Players will be able to try out for the first time the gameplay of underwater exploration. It also comes with interesting landmarks, like unique settlements like volcano and undersea ones.

The Peaks Region Details

Another detail revealed in the second video is The Peaks region, which was formerly controlled by the city-state of Ala Mhigo in the eastern reaches of Abalanthia's Spine. This area is surrounded by tall mountains, and it was known for the worship of Rhalgr. After the occupation of Garlean, its majestic temples were destroyed in the process.

Reason For "Final Fantasy XIV's" PS4 Pro Not Native Resolution

Director Naoki Yoshida explained the reason why the upcoming PS4 Pro support will not be native. It will be upscaled to 4K instead because the video game displays many characters on screen at the same time. Aiming for native 4K would only result in unstable frame rate, he said to Dual Shockers in an exclusive interview.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" Ruby Sea/The Peaks Areas Gameplay video below:

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