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New Superantibiotic 25,000 Times Stronger Than Previous Version [VIDEO]


While the previous version of the antibiotics has saved a lot of lives against deadly diseases, this new version is a lot stronger. It will be 25,000 times more potent than its predecessor, and maybe the solution to the deadly resistant bacteria.

Superantibiotic Vancomycin 3.0

The antibiotic vancomycin 1.0, which was used since 1958, just got an upgrade called the superantibiotic vancomycin 3.0. This was engineered to be more potent, and stronger than its predecessor to combat drug resistant bacteria, which has become a big threat to humanity. Version 3.0 gives doctors a big advantage in killing bacteria, and it could become the base for researchers to make more durable antibiotics, Science Mag reported.

Yale University chemist Scott Miller has praised the new work on the new superantibiotic. He said that it is the culmination of decades-long effort by many other researchers and experts.

The Important Details Of Vancomycin

The antibiotic vancomycin was usually known for being a drug of last resort because it kills by preventing bacteria from building cell walls. It binds to wall-building protein fragments called peptides, and usually those that end with two versions of the amino acid D-alanine or D-ala for short.

This time around, bacteria have evolved and many are changing one of the D-ala with D-lactic acid or D-lac. This reduces the antibiotic's ability to bind to its intended target, which would make it useless. Vancomycin-resistant infections like enterococci and Straphylococcus aureus have become more common these days due to this ability.

Vancomycin 3.0 Details

The new vancomycin 3.0 is composed of three factors, which makes more potent than the lower versions. First, it can bind peptides ending in D-ala and D-lac, which was first created in version 2.0. The other factor was killing the bacteria by halting cell wall construction.

New Study Shows Superbugs Found On London's Travel Network

In other related news, a new study proved that nine of the world's most threatening superbugs were found during a test on the London transport system. The research team found in total 121 bacteria after conducting 80 swab tests on hand rails, seats, doors, and walls, Independent reported.

Check out the Vancomycin: What You Need to Know video below:

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