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Backyard Worlds Project Wants Everyone To Join Searching For Planet 9 [VIDEO]


The Backyard Worlds project is asking people around the world to join up in looking for the solar system's Planet 9. They promise that the interface would be easy to navigate through and understand its concept.

Backyard Worlds Online Citizen Science Project

In the online citizen science project called the Backyard Worlds, the ones behind it are encouraging individuals living in this planet to get involved with searching for Planet 9. The visitors could go through the space images and search for this potential planet as well as other far-off worlds that are waiting to be discovered, Science News reported.

Space Images Taken By NASA

The space images that the space lovers would explore through the project were taken by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite. The images would show some vast region of an uncharted territory just at the ends of the solar system and maybe beyond it.

One of the interesting images to be explored is the ring of icy rocks past Neptune, which is known as the Kuiper Belt. There is a hint that among the possible alignments of the orbits of six objects, one of them could lead to Planet 9, which could be making its own gravitational influence and just lurking in the dark. The WISE satellite might have taken shots of this planet, but the astronomers of the Backyard World might have not identified it yet.

The Reason For Extra Hands

The WISE satellite actually has taken a lot of shots at the entire sky a lot of times already, which resulted in millions of images. This is the reason why Backyard Worlds is looking for other people who are eager to look for some clues or even hard evidence that there is a Planet 9 out there.

New Planet Might Be Present Beyond Neptune

In other related news, Mike Brown and his team might have discovered Planet 9 in their studies. Their research showed that their version of Planet 9 might be beyond Neptune and it could be 10 times larger than planet Earth, Weekly Standard reported.

Check out the Look for Planet 9 And Other Worlds video below:

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