Next New ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Character Is Malthael From ‘Diablo III’ [VIDEO]


Another new character will be joining the big roster of "Heroes of the Storm" soon. It will be the fallen angel from "Diablo III: Reapers of Souls," which is Malthael.

"Diablo III" Character Joins In

Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced that their ongoing brawler game, "Heroes of the Storm," will be getting a new character. This time around, it is the main villain of the expansion of "Diablo III," which is the fallen angel Malthael. The game company recently tweeted a teaser video of the character, which was pretty much obvious for a lot of fans, Dual Shockers reported.

Character Teaser With Link

The teaser only provided a hint of what character is to come, but tweet itself has a link that gave details of what is to come. Malthael will have a Grim Reaper feel in the video game, just like in the depiction. It said that he became the Reaper of Souls and destroyed everything that was affected by the demonic corruption, which also included humanity.

Stats And Abilities To Look Out For

Malthael is an Assassin class that specializes in damage, and he also has a high survivability rate and complexity in the video game. The Reaper's Mark is his Hero Trait, which will activate through certain attacks, and it will select specific enemies, which will receive a lot of damage. The Soul Rip attack will allow him to take the essence of his marked foes and will give him a little under half the damage back as energy.

Enemy heroes targeted by Malthael's Last rites will receive a lot of damage, which applies a death sentence to an enemy Hero, and after two seconds, it will deal damage equal to 50 percent of their missing health. If the enemy Hero dies with the attack, its cooldown will be reduced by five seconds.

Video Game Now Better As Second Anniversary Celebrated

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce that the early issues of "Heroes of the Storm" have now been fixed with the release of version 2.0. There is now a healthy metagame with unique maps and with the majority of the characters in it getting some play this time around. There are still a few problems, but at least most of them have been fixed, US Gamer reported.

Check out the "Heroes Of The Storm 2.0" Hanamura Showdown video below:

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