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Starbucks Targets 12,000 More Cafes Worldwide, To Introduce Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Ordering App [Video]

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST Starbucks' customers need not worry about securing their customary morning cups of coffee while travelling the world after the coffee announced its plans to add 12,000 more stores worldwide by 2021. ...

Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm Compete for Artificial Intelligence Hardware [Video]

Dec 09, 2016 PM EST Computers and computing technology have evolved from mere adding machines to systems capable of thinking on its own. In recent years, the world witnessed computers that can translate written language, ...

Former Middle School Music Teacher Sentenced To 10+ Years After Skype Sex With Minor

Dec 09, 2016 PM EST Ex-Roxbury teacher onfessed that he used various Internet applications, including Skype, to commit the crimes while residing in Roxbury between June and September in 2014. Adams said he paid the minor ...

Google Exceeds Worldwide Renewable Energy Global [Video]

Dec 09, 2016 PM EST Google started with a worldwide target because companies often cannot determine the kind of power utilities supply to their offices. There is a large unavailability of renewable energy in some key ...

Leonardo DiCaprio Shared With Ivanka Trump 'Before The Flood' Climate-Change Documentary DVD [Video]

Dec 09, 2016 AM EST The documentary records DiCaprio's travel to five continents and the Arctic discussing with activists, world leaders, scientists, and local residents regarding the complex issue of climate change and ...

Samsung Relieved in Apple Patent Case By Supreme Court [Video]

Dec 08, 2016 AM EST Justice Sotomayor further wrote that Apple was granted $399 million in damages for the infringement of the design patents by Samsung. This entire income Samsung made was from the sales of the ...

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube Collaborate in the Fight Against Internet Sharing of Terrorist Material [Video]

Dec 08, 2016 AM EST Collaboration of tech giants plan to curb internet sharing of terrorist materials.

Trump Urged to Maintain Program for Undocumented Students [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST Trump has strongly advocated the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants that has bothered immigrant communities.

Scholarship Mobile App Assists High School Students With Future College Education Tuition

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST Numerous North Jersey schools are implementing the scholarship discovery platform to assist students obtain financial credits from colleges for what they do during the four years in their ...

U.S. Student Loan Repayment Will Cost Taxpayers $108 Billion [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST There was a doubling of loans compared to that which was originally expected from fiscal 2009 through 2016 which is greater than the current budget estimates.

White House Enhances Inclusive Entrepreneurship [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 PM EST The Whiet House has broadened their scope regarding inclusion and diversity of start-up companies.

Prince Harry Announces Hospitality Scholarship to Serve British Royal Family [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST Prince Harry announced nine scholarships while he was in Grenada last Monday during an official visit to the Caribbean.

Cybersecurity in U.S. : A Boost From STEM Education [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST With the complexity of digital economy, there is an increase in the demand for highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Ex-Google Coach: A Career is Like A Smartphone and Professionals Must Not 'Climb the Corporate Ladder' [Video]

Dec 06, 2016 PM EST Careers should be considered as a smartphone and not a ladder. People should 'download apps' for varying skills, side projects, and interests that they find fulfilling.

Oprah's Favorite Things Showcase Design of CGS Student For The Second Time [Video]

Dec 06, 2016 PM EST Oprahs' 2016 holiday gift recommendations are both featured on Amazon and in her magazine. This recommendation list includes 100 items that range from clothes to jewelry, toys, accessories, ...

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