Forbes: How To Deal With A Co-worker Stealing Credit


Whether you are working in a big or small company, having the things that you have worked for could be stolen from you by a co-worker. Working in a company also requires collaborative work, however, some may go too far and might not be able to give credit to others as they monopolize the work. This could be an intentional or an honest oversight, everybody deserves to be given the credits due to them. Here are several tips that Forbes recommend on how to act like a professional when you are caught in such situation.

Develop Self-Awareness

First is to develop your self-awareness in dealing with the emotions that may arise upon coming up or acting on the problem constructively. You always care for your job so it is natural to be emotional when takes the credit of your work or ideas. Emotions may sway you easily from disgust to defeat especially when you feel betrayed or upset. You must come back to your sense and start channeling your anger into some sweat-breaking workout, as recommended by Forbes.

Set Boundaries

Then, get your boundaries firmly in place. You should act immediately; postponing confronting the problem for several days or even months is not a good thing to do. Lots of things can happen during that time. If someone tried to take the credit for your ideas, you can confront him by saying that that is the exact strategy that you two have discussed.

Talk Solution, Not Trash

In confronting the person directly, begin by asking the person questions instead of making direct accusations. This will keep you from the danger of being asked proof to prove your accusation. The burden of proof to the offending party is being shifted with this. Eventually, the person you are confronting will explain to you the reason behind him or her taking credit of what is due to you. Forbes emphasizes to talk solution, not trash.

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