Google Map Maker Tool To Be Dissolved on March 2017

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Google Map Marker tool which is used to make changes and to edit information to Google Maps will shut down in March 2017 as announced by the Google Map Maker Team last November 8.

In its announcement posted, direct integration of standalone Map Maker product will be done into Google Maps. However, starting on March 2017, edits which will be made on Google Maps would not be allowed anymore and will no longer available for moderation on Map Maker. This will enable them to streamline their efforts, to speed up the time for an edit to get immediately published as reported by MSN.

In 2008, the Google Map Maker community started in revamping millions of features that were improved the Google Maps experience of users. Initially, crowd sourcing information from rural area which was not obtains by Google toolset. The features of the public versions of Google Maps were enhanced through the users' behaviors including the ability to define the existing locations' details.

Google urges users to participate in the Local Guides rewards program wherein user can gain points and unlock rewards for submission of other information and edits. Instead of allowing everyone to just submit edits, the team will rely on the rewards program. In its closing statement, they expressed its appreciation to all the contributors over the year. They are hoping that updating the map will still be done by the users.

Furthermore, it was in 2015 when Google faced a controversy about an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo as spotted in Google Maps. It was found that the robot is located in Pakistan near the city of Rawalpindi. The company expressed the sincerity of their apology and said that it was not their work but by a user-created content. Mara Harris, Google spokesperson told The Washing Post that they are learning something from such issues and they are constantly improving the features and working on preventing bad edits to be published.

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