James Bond Would Have Flunked the Real MI6 and Not Get The Job


Real MI6 do not adhere to moral shortcuts that is is in contrast to James Bond. This statement is that of Mr Younger, who is known as 'C' within the MI6 circles.

The MI6 looks for a strong ethical core as one of the first traits that the agency looks for in its staff.

Mr Younger further reiterates that although James Bond has the qualities of energy, tenacity, and patriotism, James Bond cannot go through the recruitment process because the real MI6 intelligence officer values teamwork, upholds the law, and has a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Moreover, MI6 officers do not undermine British values. The British Intelligence Agency would have failed if they do not adhere to these set of values even if they have to defend the country. The officers face similar concerns like other people, as reported by the Daily Mail.

There is a great veil of secrecy and mystery in the Secret Intelligence Service. However, people assume that the stereotypical qualities that MI6 professionals have are aligned with James Bond's programming. The MI6 is now is actively disseminating the information against the myth that MI6 officers must have studied in Cambridge or Oxford or be an expert in hand-to-hand combat skills.

Younger states that kind of MI6 myth is not true. He said that a career in MI6 is intellectually challenging, significant, and exciting. It is Great Britain's forefront in secret intelligence. It does operate under the shadow to keep British men, women, and children safe from outside threats and internal strife.

Mr. 'C' is on the lookout to find more people to sign up and apply for a job in the Secret Intelligence Agency. He further urges the cream of the crop to sign up.

MI6 is known as Military Intelligence, Section 6 and is also named as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

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