Reasons Why People Stay In Jobs They Do Not Like


Based on the data taken from 500,000 workers of Aon Hewitt survey, "Prisoners" is the term of art for those people who stay in job that they hate no matter. Unfortunately, about eight percent of the global workforce possesses little motivation to purse their jobs and have little interest in it. With these, they are most likely considered as unhappy workers - gainfully employed people experiencing ennui.

Little or no motivation at all does no good in one's job which can go on all throughout one's career. One of the reasons why people who hate their jobs do not try to change their circumstances is that they are earning enough or more. As what Aon Hewitt defined them, these are people who are capable of finding work but do not even desire to look for another one. It was found that compared with the 48 percent non-prisoners, 60 percent of prisoners earn above-market wages.

As reported by Bloomberg, Ken Oehler of Aon Hewitt said that if one person feels disengaged and that they feel that they are stuck, what kind of friend, partner or spouse or what kind of life can a person could have without work. He emphasized that being jobless is not a great place to be.

With these situations, workers are not having well performance management. According to research Just like Newton's second law of motion on inertia, the longer that people stay with a company, the more they feel stuck in their particular job. Oehler added that there are people who stayed longer in a company and one may say that they have been through a lot in their stay in the company.

It is not only the part of the employee that should play the role of achieving happiness. As reported by Bloomberg Engagement, buzzy term favored by HR folks, is something what organizations more or less owe to their employees.

Oehler emphasized that there is always a choice with such circumstances. He said that they would suggest that people are more empowered than what they perceive. Ask for what you want.

Definitely, only some companies will exert effort to provide it to their employees. If this happens, the imprisoned can act. If this does not work out, then it should be the right time for a person to look for another refreshing job.

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