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The First Real Robocop Is Now On Duty In Dubai [VIDEO]

May 26, 2017 AM EDT The real Robocop is here and it is patrolling the malls in Dubai

Amazon Fire Stick: A Possible Platform For Pirated Movies [VIDEO]

May 26, 2017 AM EDT Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing piece of device but can also be used as a platform for piracy, authorities said

Synestia: The Planetary Object That Could Explain The Earth's Origins [VIDEO]

May 25, 2017 AM EDT Scientists proposed a new hypothesis about the Earth's origin called a synestia

Potica Or Pizza: Pope Francis' Attempt Of Making A Cultural Connection With Donald Trump? [VIDEO]

May 25, 2017 AM EDT Was the exchange between Pope Francis and First Lady Melania Trump merely an attempt to make a cultural connection?

Overwatch Anniversary Event: Some Easter Eggs, New Arcade Setup, And More [VIDEO]

May 25, 2017 AM EDT Overwatch Anniversary Event will reveal not only some skins but also some Easter egg surprises

Destiny 2: What's The Difference Between Energy And Kinetic Slots? [VIDEO]

May 25, 2017 AM EDT Destiny 2 introduces the Kinetic and Energy slots. Find out what they are and what it means to your weapons.

Ph.D. and Celebrities: These Celebrities Have More To Show Than Just Talent [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 PM EDT Read and find out which celebrities with Ph.D. people might not be aware of.

Nanotechnology: Scientists Created A Sunscreen That Produces Melanin [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 AM EDT UC San Diego researchers have developed a sunscreen that produces melanin and protects the sun from ultraviolet radiation

2017 Top 5 Computer Schools In The World [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 AM EDT Here are the universities with the best computer science programs

Doctors Are Now Turning To Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Suicide [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 AM EDT A group of researchers has successfully predicted suicide attempts using an algorithm

The Startup That Surpassed Apple And Samsung In The Accessory Game [VIDEO]

May 23, 2017 AM EDT Samsung and Apple might be big names but one startup is beating them in the accessory game

Why Ethereum Will Shake Up Technology And Surpass Bitcoin [VIDEO]

May 23, 2017 AM EDT Experts are predicting that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in the future as more and more multi-million companies and industries join the platform.

MIT Researchers Have Finally Put The E.Coli Bacteria To Good Use [VIDEO]

May 23, 2017 AM EDT A group of MIT researchers has found a way to make the dangerous E.coli bacteria into something useful

Scientists Believe NASA's Cold Spot Is Proof Of A Parallel Universe [VIDEO]

May 22, 2017 PM EDT A new research said that they might have found evidence that a multiverse exist

Destiny 2: No More Grimoire Cards, WoW Tokens Shot Up [VIDEO]

May 22, 2017 AM EDT Destiny 2 has many changes in them including the use of WoW tokens to buy Destiny 2 and the elimination of Grimoire cards.

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