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Elon Musk's The Boring Company Is Not Yawn-Inducing At All [VIDEO]


Elon Musk was fed up with how bad the traffic in Los Angeles is that he decided he would bore a tunnel underneath it to solve the problem. To make that dream into a reality, he established the Boring Company and he's not kidding at all. Recently, he showed a video during a TED conference where he showed what the tunnels will look like and it was far from being boring.

Musk showed a video of what his tunnels would look like when it's finished during a TED conference in Vancouver. The futuristic concept not only created buzz but excitement because it looked like something plucked out of a science fiction movie.

The video showed a Tesla car driving along the busy streets then stopped in a lane where a platform called a car skate is waiting. Once the car mounted the car skate, it took the vehicle underground to a series of single lanes. There, the car skate carries the vehicle at up to 200 mph. Finally, the car skate takes the car above the ground once again to complete the rest of its journey.

Musk said that there is no limit to how deep the tunnels would go citing the deepest mines are much deeper than the tallest buildings. In an interview with Bloomberg, Musk revealed that he is thinking about a vast network of tunnels which are 30 levels deep. These tunnels will accommodate cars, bus, and even hyperloop if that becomes a reality.

When asked why tunnels instead of flying cars, Musk said that flying cars fall and can even kill the drivers, a point which is difficult to argue against. Despite this, Musk laments about his busy schedule as well as the capabilities of the equipment they are using. He said that they are thinking of developing a type of boring machine that would bore holes and reinforce them at the same time. This will be the victory, he added, when they are able to create an equipment such as this.

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