6 High-Paying Jobs In Silicon Valley In The Future [VIDEO]


With the gloomy predictions of Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and other well-known names in science and technology, there seems to be a lot of insecurity in the job market because of the impending AI takeover. However, a Silicon Valley expert says that in order to get ready, those who want to vie a high-paying and in-demand job in Silicon Valley should consider developing some specific skills.

Josh Elman, who is a part of the venture capital firm Greylock, said a lot of graduates have been asking him about what industries to pursue. He posted a tweet and mentioned 6 skills or areas - artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, genomics, and BMI or brain-machine interfaces.

Brain-machine Interfaces

Elon Musk has set up a company to pursue what he calls neural lace technology where machines are controlled by the human mind. One of the promises of BMI is in aiding paralyzed patients or those with neurodegenerative disease helping them regain their motor skills re-routing signals around the damaged parts of the nervous system.


One of the emerging fields in genomics is Genomic Medicine where a person;s genomic information is used to provide medical care to a patient. Through genomics, patients will receive personalized medicine to promote better health and longer life.

Augmented Reality

There is a growing demand for skills related to augmented reality. LinkedIn and Indeed alone has more than 500 jobs listed under the category. Some app and software developer positions now require a knowledge of augmented reality.


Indeed, one of the leading online job boards, have thousands of positions posted that are related to robotics. Most of these are big-name companies, such as Apple, Intel, Siemens, and other leading firms in Silicon Valley.

Virtual Reality

According to Neuvoo, the median salary of a virtual reality-related job is $17 per hour or $32,455 per year while those who are more experienced can have $45,000 per annum.

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