7 Habits Students Can Adopt To Sleep Better [VIDEO]


Sleep is important to all but because of stress and many other factors, many students don't get enough sleep. This does not only add to more stress but it makes a lot of students more inefficient. Here are a few tips from experts how to sleep better and get the much-needed rest.

Develop a consistent bedtime routine

Habits play an important role in every aspect of people's lives. Thus, it makes sense that people should also develop a habit in their sleep routine. Research has proven that developing a consistent bedtime routine is very helpful.

Dim the lights in the room

According to research, bright bluish light sends a message to the brain that it is still daytime stopping the brain to release chemicals that are very important to sleep. This is also the reason why some people who leave their lights on at night wake up tired the next day. Scientists from the Harvard Medical School suggests using red, dim lights in the evening to make the brain get to sleep faster.

Stop drinking alcohol

Partying and booze are part of the college life. However, these habits cost a lot of students the much-needed rest. Regardless of the articles that talk about red wine and booze, the National Institute of Health research revealed that alcohol drinkers take more time to fall asleep than those who do not.

A warm bath

Although there's not a lot of studies to back it off, taking a warm bath before sleeping seems to have a calming effect on the body and making people doze off faster.

Blowing bubbles

Rachel Marie Salas, a neurology professor at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, suggests blowing bubbles to make the body doze off easily. She said that it is like a breathing exercise that clears the mind and relaxes the body helping people sleep easier.

Listening to classical music

Another research showed that listening to classical music has a calming effect on the mind. The study showed how a group of students had improved their sleep quality and relaxed their minds as they listen to classical music while on bed at night.

See the doctor

Some students have serious insomnia problems. When this is the case, it is strongly recommended that students should seek help from medical experts because there might be an underlying reason for that insomnia.

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