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Artificial Intelligence Has The Answer To Immortality [VIDEO]


Since ancient times, people have been obsessed with immortality leading them to a quest in search of the fountain of youth. At present, more and more people are beginning to view aging as a disease rather than a natural phenomenon of life leading scientists to search for a 'cure.' And one of the potential cures is artificial intelligence.

Alexander Zhavoronkov, the director of Biogerontology Research Foundation and the International Aging Research Portfolio, believes that artificial aging is the human's ally to defeat aging.

During his interview with the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation or LEAF, Zhavoronkov said that his company Insilico Medicine is developing an algorithm called OncoFinder. What the algorithm does is to analyze the molecular pathways that have something to do with aging and cancer. He believes that by using this algorithm, scientists will be able to keep aging and aging-related diseases under comprehensive control.

He described what his company hopes to achieve in five years. He said Insilico wants to create a comprehensive system that will monitor and model the status of human health and, at the same time, correct whatever deviations there are that prevents the ideal healthy state through therapeutic interventions.

Zhavoronkov is positive that they will be able to achieve this in less than five years stating that they have contributed something significant to the research against aging. He was referring to the deep neural networks they developed that is able to accurately predict a person's age.

Aside from the algorithm, he said that artificial intelligence can also be used to create drugs that could combat aging and treat age-related diseases. He said that through AI, they will be able to combat every disease known to man.

For him, artificial intelligence should not be feared as some want to believe but it should be considered an ally to create a better and healthier world.

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